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  • ELIMINATE DEAD ZONES in your home with the Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System. Our Wi-Fi router blankets your home with strong internet signals, cutting out interference in basements and upstairs rooms.

  • 3 ETHERNET PORTS on each Vilo Wi-Fi router connect game consoles, streaming boxes and TVs for unbridled access to bandwidth. Our dual-band Wi-Fi mesh system has WPA2-PSK security protocols for peace of mind

  • FREE BARK IN-HOME PARENTAL CONTROLS - Enable free in-home network parental controls from Bark for your Vilo network


We haven't missed a beat, and we have no more dead spots in the house. I have one in my daughter's room, one by my desk, and one downstairs by the TV for our Amazon Fire Stick connectivity. No issue at all with connectivity or speed, and no more "buffering" for the Fire Stick!

Linda G

Connect easily, Update quickly and simply. Work very well. Have never had a problem.

Charlie K

“I just plugged these in, followed the directions and they worked great and better than advertised. I get WiFi all over the yard.It runs my WiFi and security cameras all over the house, detached garage and yard. I can use my iPad in my garage a long way away from my router. I highly recommend this mesh router system.

Tim D 
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Powered with our advanced mesh technology a Vilo covers 1,500 sq. ft while a Vilo three-pack gives you coverage up to 4,500 sq. ft and can connect up to 120 Devices 

1500-SQUARE-FOOT RANGE of each Vilo Wi-Fi router that reaches nooks and crannies of your home with spotty or no internet access. Expand coverage even more with additional plug-and-play Vilo Wi-Fi Mesh Routers.

Vilo Offers Free Parental Controls 

Get Started: While connected to your Vilo home Wif Download and open the Vilo App on your phone. Open Parental Controls on your network home page. Toggle the switch to enable Bark In-Home Parental Controls. 

Connect Your Vilo account to Bark: Vilo will open Bark's login page where you can either sign in if you already have a Bark account or you can register for an account if you are new to Bark. Once signed in, Bark will automatically connect and activate on your Vilo network. 

Manage the Bark Parental Controls through the Bark Dashboard: Now that Bark In-Home is established and activated on your Vilo you can control what your kids can access online and while using Smart TVs, Gaming consoles, phones, and tablets by setting daily schedules and choosing allowed and blocked websites on each device through Bark's Dashboard.

Now that the rules have been set up and dangerous sites have been blocked it's time for your family to enjoy a safer home internet experience!

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