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VR Goggles

Select with Ease 

Setting the Standard  

Small handful of people in the home 

One or two devices streaming 

Gaming for pleasure 


40 down x 10 up Mbps 

Choose Premium  

Larger household 

A handful of devices streaming at the same time 

Gaming, it's on!

Up to 60 device connections 

Home Router with Free Parental controls 

Unlimited Data


50-100 down 10+ up Mbps 

Service packages are offered as "UP TO Speeds". The standard package receives speeds UP TO 40 Mbps. Premium Package see speeds Up To 100 Mbps. Service speeds are established by location, time of day, device demands, software demands and other factors. Your household or business will not be guaranteed a standard rate of measure. Service packages are subject to federal, state, local and industry taxes and fees. There maybe an initial $99.00 installation fee for customers not owning their homes. 


Open Your world 

Services are subject to your term of usage. 

We offer Custom Service Packages

For Commercial Accounts, Businesses, and Rental Companies 

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